Product Review – Melon Alleycat

“The raddest and baddest pair of performance riding shades on planet earth!” – Melon Optics

For my first ever piece on this blog I’ve opted for a Product Review of the Alleycat glasses from Melon Optics, simply because of the sheer impression these glasses left after one ride!

I’ve been ‘eyeing’ up this particular product for sometime and the f**k it side of my brain finally decided to splash out on a bundle over Black Friday. Aside from the extensive customisation options available for the Alleycat, the main feature that drew me in was the interchangeable lenses from German Optic powerhouse, Zeiss. In the specific bundle I went for I received one pair of Alleycats with the spare low-light lens, and another lens of my choice (also some rad stickers), complete with microfiber bag and a sleek carry case to store it all in.

I couldn’t wait to get the Alleycat out on the trails, and so I made a drive to Cannock Chase for my muddiest ride this year. Overcast and misty conditions meant I fitted the Low-light lens over the Violet or Red Chromes. Straight off the bat I noticed how comfortable the glasses were and how well they integrated with my helmet, sitting snug on my face you could almost forget you’re wearing them if not for the fact I didn’t have an eyeful of mud.

I did suffer from a bit of steaming when stopped but as soon as I gathered some decent speed again they quickly cleared up thanks to the venting system on the sides. The rubberised nose piece was comfortable and kept the Alleycat firmly planted on my face as I ate sh*t bailing from a black feature toward the end of my run, with not a scratch on the lens.

By the time I got back to the car I only wished there was enough time to fly round again and try out the other lenses, but I had to settle for rinsing the mud of them and packing up for the day.

Overall I can’t believe it took me so long to purchase these, and knowing now how good they are I would’ve paid full price a long time ago, although the price is a little on the steep side don’t overlook the quality of product you’re getting, from the reliable Melon brand, coupled with the incredible Zeiss lenses.


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