What do I take on a medium/long ride? – Kit check

One thing I’ve noticed recently when I go riding is that everyone seems to think I’m ‘over-prepared’ or ‘overpacking’. But as far as I’m concerned if it’s not weighing me down why not have it!

Here’s a breakdown of the gear I take with me for most of my rides.


My bike – never forgotten it yet

A helmet – don’t be an idiot, wear a helmet

In the car

A track pump – make sure your boots are at the desired PSI before you shred

Cleaning products – bikes get pretty filthy this time of year. I like to give them at least a good rinse off before travelling home

A waterproof dirt bag – I love the Muc-Off Grime Bag. Stand inside and change out of your muddy gear, then pull the drawstrings, put it in the boot and sort it later!

Spare clothes – changing into some warm dry clothes after 3 hours of mud-plugging is the business

Toolbox – I like to have a pretty stocked toolbox and some mechanics gloves in the boot in case of big mechanicals, If there’s ever the option to fix it and get back out there I’m taking it

Spares – inner cables, outer cables, bolts, brake pads, chain links, mech hangers. All seemly insignificant but can save your ride in a pinch

Brake pad spacers – massively overlooked this little piece of plastic fills in for your rotors when you’ve removed the front wheel, meaning you’ll never have to pry your pistons open before a ride

Water, Water and more Water – not having enough hydration during a ride is a horrible situation to be in, having some close by in the car can be a massive benefit, and what you don’t use gets chucked over your bike for a final rinse off

On the Bike

Hydration Pack or Bottled water – depending on the length of the ride

Tubeless tyre plugs – hopefully I’m getting the Muc-Off bar end stash for Christmas!

Spare tubes – Some tubeless punctures just can’t be fixed

Co2 Inflator and spare cartridges

Enduro strap – this stores my spare tubes and Co2 meaning more space in my pack or no need to carry one

Multi tool- make sure to do bolt checks before you go and this will save you in a pinch on the trails

Knife – my knife doubles as a set of pliers to compliment my Topeak multi tool, but the various blades and saws are great for pruning hidden trails into life

Tyre patches – hey you never know

Energy gels – some climbs can really take it out of you

Waterproof layer – come on man I live in the UK this one is mandatory

CASH! – not everywhere takes card still and you don’t want to be caught out

Riding Clothes

Base layer – a thermal T-shirt this time of year will make a massive difference

Padded shorts – nobody likes saddle sore

Protective riding trousers

Long sleeved jersey


Riding glasses

Warm or even waterproof socks

Trusty Five Tens – is there any other choice when It come to riding shoes for flats?

Extras and notable mentions

A towel – for me and the bike

Food – some trails are pretty remote so having a sandwich on hand is a great shout

Chargers and Power-banks – make sure you have plenty of juice in those phones!

Spares of literally anything – experience has taught me that if you’re going to be prepared then you may as well be prepared for more than one person. I’ve riding with people who’ve forgotten gloves, helmets, water bottles, even seat posts! If you have a spare and have the room, why not.

What do you take riding? Are you armed to the teeth like me or do you travel light? Let me know if you enjoyed the read and get involved in the comments.

Happy Trails!

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