Signing off for Christmas

Merry Christmas readers

Merry Christmas guys, a huge thanks to those of you who’ve read my posts so far and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

I wanted to leave you all with a few thoughts and reflections before signing off for a couple of days for Christmas.

Christmas rides are the business

I personally haven’t ever had the chance to do a Christmas ride, and due to this year being what it is, it’s not often I even get to ride in groups of more than two! I met up with three of my friends this weekend as we decided to get one more ride in before the 25th. Venturing a little further than usual we set off early for The Forest of Dean. No focus on PB’s or KOM’s, no minimum required distance, just head into the Forest and have fun! We even found some gnarly off Piste stuff that would probably have been a lot less dangerous in the dry conditions

Long story short, get yourself into that mindset of just heading out for some fun, shake off the seriousness at least once a year and just enjoy it.

2020 Has been great for my fitness

Had COVID not hit, I probably wouldn’t have invested in a new bike, certainly wouldn’t have had as much time to ride, and definitely wouldn’t have seen such massive improvements in my fitness. Silver linings I guess. I feel so much more capable on the bike because of my increased fitness which goes hand in hand with improving my skills.

Something to be proud of in what’s been a difficult year.

Nobody reads Blogs anymore

Seriously what do I need to do to get increased traffic? 😂 videos?

Any help or ideas for how to engage my audience would be hugely appreciated.

Either way I’ll be sticking with it and hoping to see huge improvements in the New Year

See you all on Christmas!

I guess for now, everyone have a great run up to the big day and I’ll be back on the 25th to announce the winner of the giveaway.

Feel free to share with me any reflections on your year and any achievements big or small, I’d love to hear about it.

Stay safe and happy trails ✌🏻

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