I’m Back!

Christmas was well enjoyed with loved ones

Welcome back guys, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and spent some very well deserved time with their loved ones and friends within your bubble.

Now that the turkey has been picked clean and the alcohol has ran out I guess it’s time to get back out there and work on those New Year resolutions. I managed to refrain from stuffing myself silly with all the wonderful food, and opted to get the extra calories in the form of beer and Prosecco, not feeling too bad as I took the bike out for a 10KM spin on Christmas morning.

Tomorrow marks the start of training for me, my aim is to push myself incredibly hard in 2021 to see if I can be race ready for the 22 season!

Hope Everyone has an amazing New Year’s Eve all things considered, and be sure to expect a lot more content next year as I’ll be really ramping things up.

Happy Trails ✌🏻

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