Bike Maintenance – Essential Tools for Home and Trail

Maintaining your bike is key, especially in the UK where the weather is pretty much always terrible. I outgrew my toolbox recently and had to upgrade to a lovely rolling kit from Lifeline. Here’s a few items I couldn’t live without! I’ve selected my favourite frequently used items, otherwise I’d be here all day.

Park Tool Magnetic Parts Bowl

The Park Tool products are usually pretty out of budget, but the magnetic parts bowl is surprisingly cheap.

I bought this after losing some significant bolts in the shed, when I’m performing any maintenance I usually stick it to the side of the workbench and get going, haven’t lost a bolt since.

T-Handle Allen Key/ Hex Wrenches

The majority of bike maintenance can be done with Allen keys, I have a draw full of old single Allen keys of all sizes, none of which are any good, I picked up this Draper set of T-Handles from Amazon super cheap and they’ve paid for themselves tenfold

Torque Wrench

Making sure all your bolts are correctly torqued is important for not only safety but for prolonging the life of your components, It’s a bit more of an investment for this item but it’s a crucial one for sure.

Grease Gun

After those particularly wet and muddy rides in the winter I often like to strip down most of my moving parts, especially those most exposed to the conditions, and re-grease them. Grease attracts dirt and over time can grind down and wear away at your components if not replaced frequently enough. It a a messy job without one of these

Cable Ties/Zip Ties

There ‘ain’t nothing you can’t fix with cable ties, I keep a mixture of lengths and sizes in an old water bottle ready to grab, and a handful in my riding kit for out on the trails.

Trail-side Essentials

  • Co2 canisters
  • Multitool
  • Chain breaker (spare power link)
  • Utility knife with pliers
  • Tubeless repair kit
  • Backup inner tubes
  • Tyre boot and puncture repair patches

With these items you’re not weighed down by a full toolkit but there won’t be many issues you can’t fix or bodge with these items

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