If you can’t ride ‘em, build ‘em.

DMR – Sidekick

For most of us the weekend ritual of packing up the car or van and making the early morning drive to a bike park or trail centre has been put on hold yet again. This means that riding locally is currently the best and only option in some cases.

There’s very little in the way of local riding here, so other than some car park sessions it’s been a painful few weeks already. I decided to dig an old dirt jump frame out of the shed and get to work on a project bike!

Yellow paint waiting for a clear coat

The old frame has been laying around for a while now so I sanded off the rotten old purple paint, primed it and lay a nice fresh coat of yellow. Once the clear coat goes on I can start sourcing some parts.

What would your recommendations be?

  • Single speed or Geared?
  • Colour scheme?
  • Suspension fork or rigid?

Who else has used the time in lockdown to start a project? Share your projects with us on social media or submit them via the website.


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