Cycology Media Maintenance: Pre-ride Checks (Bike and Gear)

Pre ride checks? …

Ever got to the trails full of excitement, desperate to swing your leg over your bike only to find out, ‘I forgot my helmet, beanie, goggles or tools’? 

The worst feeling to have. Fear not, we at Cycology have a pre ride check list for you. Whether you check your kit, cameras or ride the night before or the morning of, don’t rush or second guess yourself. Yes, it’s annoying to check or carry so much on you but at least you know you have it. 

Kit bag- Dry clothes (for layers or warmth before, during or after a ride)- Cameras- Double check you’ve actually charged them or have spare batteries in your bag or pocket. Rushing a clip knowing you’ve got no battery ends up being a frustration for everyone. Don’t second guess if you’ve charged up make a note of it. Same with accessories, go through your bag and check you have what you need.- Helmet and pads- What a ball ache getting to the trails then realising you have no pads or lid! Put them with your bike or in your helmet ready to go.- Tools- Making sure you carry the right tools is essential. You can always have a set at home for the garage/ shed and a set in your bag. This way you can leave a set in your bag ready for trail side maintenance

Bike- After a previous ride it’s a good habit to clean your bike ready for your next session. This way any worries or rattles can be seen to as they’ll be fresh in your mind and not bugging you on the next ride. Cleaning the bike is also therapeutic (arguably) but it does also get all the crap, grit and sand out of the gears, bottom bracket etc. Plus lube the chain, it can extend the life of it as well as the cassette. – Checking for punctures is also a pretty good habit post ride. Slow punctures are a pain the butt! If you check whether there’s been a leak of tubeless sealant or you’re the tube isn’t holding pressure, then it can save a job before your next ride and its something less to worry about later.- Brakes- Some brakes look way more complicated than others and be more confusing, but much like a car brake you can feel when something is wrong. By simply checking if the brakes feel okay then you may feel more confident on your next ride. If not, then it may be worth either trying to sort them yourself or getting your local bike shop to check them out! 

You! – Are you ready? Stretched? warm? Injury free? These maybe small things but it’s important you look after yourself too mentally and physically before a ride!

Get out and Have Fun!

Ollie – Cycology team

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