Top MTB Movies and Edits

During the week I watched the four part series ‘Design and Conquer’ with Matt Jones on Redbull TV. For those that haven’t seen it yet it’s worth every second!

There’s been a few standout edits and movies over the past few years so here’s a run down of Cycology Media’s 5 big recommendations and a bucket list of must see’s. This list is personal opinion and we’re still ticking new ones off all the time. In no particular order…

1. Danny Macaskill – Inspired Bicycles

This was one of the earliest videos I remember truly blowing my mind. It’s the one that thrust Danny into YouTube stardom and an absolute spectacle of trials riding. There are countless Danny Mac videos that inspire that childlike giddiness (wee day out and Imaginate to name a couple) but this is the OG.

2. Tea and Biscuits

This edit hit YouTube last year, and it’s approximately 45 minutes of raw British tomfoolery. Reminiscent of those long days pissing about on bikes with your mates until your shins are barely visible through mud and blood, this was a grin inducing watch.

3. Brandon Semenuk – Raw 100

There’s a list longer than my arm of brilliant Semenuk masterclasses but something about this one really showcases just how far out in front he really is. If you’re looking for a more substantial edit, then Semenuk’s Rad Company has some great awe inspiring riding from some big names.

4. Deathgrip

Brendan Fairclough alongside a stellar cast of riders delivers one of the most visually stunning MTB movies you may ever watch. Africa Portugal and the good old UK provide a range of spectacular backdrops throughout. Expect to watch this one multiple times.

5. The Moment

The Moment takes us back to British Columbia and where MTB arguably was born. The crazy trails that were built in BC by some of the first of their breed. It’s a must watch for MTB fans and riders of any discipline.

These were our 5 visited most recently or that have stuck around to be watched a few times but for those not satisfied yet here’s a bucket list of must see’s.

  • Accomplice
  • Chainspotting
  • Where the Trail Ends
  • Roam
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Dirty Tricks and Cunning Stunts
  • Life Cycles
  • Seasons
  • Follow Me
  • Brandon Semenuk – One Shot
  • Matt Jones – Frames of Mind

What’ve we missed? There’s a significant library of footage out there and there’s sure to be some we’ve missed off. Let us know what you’ve seen and enjoyed in the comments or on Instagram.


Ben | CM

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