Dyedbro Frame Protection Kit – Product Review

‘Fluor’ protection kit

After receiving the dispatch email for a new Trek Remedy 8, I went hunting for a protection kit to keep my frame in tip top condition.

There are a lot of options out there for frame protection ranging from full tailored to generic top tube. Dyedbro hit perfectly in the middle ground in my opinion, but at a much more attractive price point.

Although not tailored to every specific frame out there such as Invisiframe or Ride Wrap, I was surprised how versatile the Dyedbro kit was. The kit managed a great amount of coverage on all the key areas that usually fall foul of scratches and scuffs (Top Tube, Seat stays, chain stays and down tube).

Installation was an absolute breeze, overall including trimming the entire process took roughly 30 minutes. The first step is a case of measuring up against the frame to trim off any excess (a clever system for the lower half of the top tube that staggers the additional length makes this really clean). Once at the desired length you can strip the back off the protector and line is up against your frame. It took a couple of attempts to line up properly but adjustments were simple.

Using a hairdryer (no heat gun lying around) and the provided tool, the frame kit was easily moulded to the shape of the frame squeezing out air bubbles along the way, and trimming off the corners with a knife.

The end result was what I think to be a great looking frame protection, which rather than designed to be unnoticeable, gets right in your face and screams about how sick it looks.

There is a massive range of designs available on the website to pick from although I ordered through a UK distributor to cut down on delivery time. Luckily my favourite design was in stock and on my bike pretty swift.

After four or five rides each followed by a meticulous clean the kit is holding up perfectly. No peeling corners where dirt has penetrated and it looks great out on the trail. I’m comfortable knowing that my pride and joy is well covered for the next time I get chucked over the bars and it goes sailing off down the hill.

If I had to be picky and look for any negatives in this kit I’d have to say that the seat/chain stay pieces did struggle around the weld points, which are a quite prominent on my particular frame but After some extra heat and a bit of elbow grease I managed to work out the air bubbles and it sat snug. I don’t think the kit is really at fault here though and I was expecting to come across worse issue that never happened.

For the price you pay (€39.99) for a non tailored kit the Dyedbro range ticks all the boxes for me. It’s sturdy, easy to install, looks incredible and covers all the main areas. I don’t really think you can ask for more in that price range.

For anyone looking for a kit and not wanting to pay the premium for fully tailored I’d definitely suggest going in on one of these. You’ll be hard pushed to find a design that doesn’t suit you, and most of them are available in black or white to compliment your frame colour.

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