Fear and Loaming

Overcoming Fear – “leaving your comfort zone is key to developing”

Photographer: Lewis Bell
Website: Http://pedalslip.com

You’ve waited all week for this, you’ve told yourself it’s easy, you know just what to do.
Nows the time pedal strokes flowing- wheel approaches that lip and then that all familiar screech of failure.

We all do it, get to that lip the fear kicks in and slam on those brakes. Some of us are luckier than others.

So do we need to be fearless to be great? 

The truth is we just need to manage that fear, hopefully we can give you a few tips to get you through those moments.

Something completely in your control is your bike setup, and how the bike feels beneath you. Set the bike up to your own preference and style and make sure its working properly. You want to be comfortable in a situation that is naturally uncomfortable

How are you feeling? Got aches or had too many beers, maybe today’s not the day for heroics, you have to be feeling that feature and in the right frame of body and mind before you go for it.

Okay okay so they’re pretty obvious but how many of you take those run ins?
Over and over again until you couldn’t be payed to ride it. Well we need to visualise ourselves hitting that landing, that drop or whatever it may be. Take a few run ins and imagine how it’s going to play out, visualise yourself clearing the feature

Not feeling it? There’s no shame in surviving another day

Get familiar with that feeling of irrational fear then divide and conquer.
No one is fearless, rather we need to learn what’s rational and what isn’t.

Try to remember the feeling of overcoming a mental block on that trail you’ve now hit a thousand times, try to harness this and keep that feeling in mind.

Clear your head and with that in mind, hit auto pilot and trust your ability.

Lastly how about phone a friend. Have they hit that trail you want to hit? Get their advice, their line choice. Follow them in.
Sometimes a bit of peer pressure is all that’s needed

The main thing to remember is that leaving your comfort zone is key to developing, but always ride within your limits, pushing the boundaries without reason will inevitably lead to the best course of progression.

If in doubt. Send it!

Author: Dan Vesty

Editor: Ben Hyland

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