How to Deal With Arm Pump

Rider: Dan Vesty Photographer: Lewis Bell

Dreaded arm pump.

We all get it sooner or later, death gripping down that trail hoping to be in one piece by the bottom.

Some suffer more than others but there’s a few things we can all do just to give those arms a rest. 

We all like customising our bikes and one easy upgrade to make is grips, but don’t just look for those colourful ones if arm pump is something you struggle with. There are various thicknesses and compounds to search for in grips, each offer varying levels of comfort and trail feel. But for defying arm pump consider some fat or thick grips with specific padding placement like odi elite pro grips.

Don’t forget that you can also take a look at brake lever positioning. Have a play around with this as its all personal preference but match the position to the grip design and consider getting the lever into a position for your weight to be on the palms of yours hands, rather than having to hook with your thumbs. Typically speaking as you’re going downhill the angle of your levers will change, bear that in mind when adjusting your brakes.

Hydrate! Keep your muscles fuelled and hydrated make sure your not dehydrated through the day before and during the ride.

If your still having no joy maybe it’s time to try some carbon bars along with all your others new upgrades

Just a few cheap simple tips to hopefully get over that arm pump.

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Words: Dan Vesty

Editor: Ben Hyland

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