New bike? Fork-et it

Lets face it there’s nothing better than the feeling of new bike day but with us looking at more sustainable options and ways to be eco friendly do most of us really need that new bike.

How many of us can really say that our bikes are optimised to our riding style instead using base settings we’ve seen 100s of times online?

How many of us experiment with fork and shock pressure? How about rebound damping? Not only can these alter how the bike handles and feels across all varieties of terrain, but you can also influence how firm or supple the ride is, giving us a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

It’s a free alteration that can dramatically alter the overall feel of your bike.

We can also tune the bike towards descending or ascending with a few tweaks to your front fork and rear shock and all you need is a little knowledge and a shock pump.

Everyone wants a slacker bike right? 

If change in pressure is not enough for you. There’s so many options out there for angled headsets. 

Works Components made in the UK offer various degree headsets and even reach adjust sets. 

It sounds small but giving a +/- 1°,1.5°, 2° alteration makes a huge difference to steepen or slacken that angle. 

Cheap, super easy to change and maintence friendly.

We have options in changing fork travel if we are serious about making alterations, meaning we don’t have to just swap out that fork. So many use the overall same base but just require a fairly simple air spring change for a fraction of the cost.

Then we have the likes of DVO Suspension with huge adjustment capabilities above my knowledge. But what I do love about my own Diamonds is the internal travel adjustment with nothing more than a few tools, no parts required.

Of course there’s many more In depth options but maybe this might just make you think about having a play and get that bike set up just right.

Author: Dan Vesty

Editor: Ben Hyland

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