Signing off for Christmas

Merry Christmas guys, a huge thanks to those of you who’ve read my posts so far and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. I wanted to leave you all with a few thoughts and reflections before signing off for a couple of days for Christmas. Christmas rides are the business IContinue reading “Signing off for Christmas”

Hicks Lodge – Trail Review

“The first impression I got from the trail was: “f**k this is flat” In a last minute turn of events I changed my ride plan from the red graded Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase to the significantly less demanding Blue Trail at Hicks Lodge. At 9.3 kilometres(5.3miles) I had to take an extra run roundContinue reading “Hicks Lodge – Trail Review”

What do I take on a medium/long ride? – Kit check

One thing I’ve noticed recently when I go riding is that everyone seems to think I’m ‘over-prepared’ or ‘overpacking’. But as far as I’m concerned if it’s not weighing me down why not have it! Here’s a breakdown of the gear I take with me for most of my rides. Essentials My bike – neverContinue reading “What do I take on a medium/long ride? – Kit check”

Why crashing is important

Crashing is all part of the process, it’s almost inevitable, but it’ll always make you a better rider A large number of us mountain bikers have accepted from early on that crashing is inevitable, and it’s this revelation that makes us a much better rider. Now, I’m not saying we should all hop on theContinue reading “Why crashing is important”

Product Review – Melon Alleycat

“The raddest and baddest pair of performance riding shades on planet earth!” – Melon Optics For my first ever piece on this blog I’ve opted for a Product Review of the Alleycat glasses from Melon Optics, simply because of the sheer impression these glasses left after one ride! I’ve been ‘eyeing’ up this particular productContinue reading “Product Review – Melon Alleycat”