May 26, 2024

The vertical sheeting, along with the trench support system, is known to be a slide rail and is exclusively used for replacing the traditional application of wood or even steel sheeting at times. The most common area where FBL Slide Rail (รางสไลด์ FBL, which is the term in Thai)can be used is when the ground conditions are unfavorable. Either that or the underground infrastructure is witnessing difficulties when it comes to trench support.

Various Types Of Slide Rails

There are multiple various types of slide rails, and the same is discussed below:

·       Linear Slide Rails

A metal track that has a motorized carriage moving over it is known as linear Slide Rails. As a result, you will be able to remove the items smoothly. Moreover, you can find its application in automated production and machine operation.

·       Telescoping Slide Rails

With such sliding rails, you will be able to move large objects. In simple terms, telescoping Slide Rails are nothing but a composition of a connected series of rails that help slide into one another. As a result, you will be getting enough flexibility in retracting and extracting whenever needed.

·       Sliding Door Rails

The tracks you find attached to both the bottom and the top of door frames are known as sliding door rails. Their sole function is to help in the smooth movement of opening and closing of doors. Both the procedure of closing and opening the door can be done without any help from the handle. You can see the application of sliding door rails on various modern homes to make the overall look sophisticated.

·       Ball Sliding Rails

With ball Sliding Rails, you will be able to not only direct but also guide rolling balls so that there is no hotchpotch. You can find their application in complex industries as well as toy industries. The reason behind using these ball Sliding Rails is that they carry a smooth motion system, thereby making them the right fit when it comes to use for multiple applications.

·       Roller Sliding Rails

It greatly helps in the reduction of friction as the tracks use rollers to contribute to the movement of the object. Since the primary goal is to transport objects or products, you can find the application in many factories. Furthermore, the best part is that the whole installation and maintenance process is relatively easy and cost-effective.


With slide rails, the whole process of crossing utilities becomes easy. The entire motive for making slide rails is to ensure that the protective systems are installed more efficiently without any hassle. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about slide rail.