June 25, 2024

As interest grows around nattokinase and its multifaceted health benefits, more supplement options are hitting the market. However, not all products live up to quality standards. Since nattokinase comes from an edible food and has minimal risks, evaluating purity and potency takes precedence over safety issues.

Nattokinase comes from natto a Japanese staple of fermented soybeans. Through centuries of use, Bacillus subtilis natto bacteria cultivated the prized ability to activate fibrinolytic activity in the otherwise slimy beans. Without the right strain, natto lacks significant enzyme activity. So, confirming the supplement producer uses properly prepared Bacillus subtilis natto as its starting raw material is pivotal. Reputable brands will state it clearly.

Assess purity testing

Even authentic nattokinase requires purity confirmation to separate it from potential soy allergens and unwanted compounds from bacterial fermentation. Rigorous high-pressure liquid chromatography and infrared spectrometry analytics should screen for contaminants.

Typical supplemental doses range from 1000 to 4000 FU of nattokinase. Dividing this into two or three smaller servings maximizes absorption. On labels, you want to see at least 500-2000 FU per capsule or serving, along with the enzyme viability percentage which should be high. Potency decreases over time so the product should note an expiration date. Refrigerating after opening protects viability. Potency testing throughout production is key for maximal enzymatic action.

Require proper encapsulation

Because nattokinase is an enzyme, stomach acid deactivates it before absorption lower in the GI tract. Quality supplements use an enteric coating or acid-resistant capsules to delay the release until it reaches the small intestine. This protects the intact enzyme so it survives transit. Timed or sustained-release capsules may further prolong its therapeutic effects.

Japanese manufacturers with decades of experience preparing traditional natto bean extracts boast extensive in-house research into optimal fermentation protocols. They understand this enzyme best. Many newer supplements source ingredients from qualified raw material suppliers through verified supply channels. Reputable brands ensure high standards regardless of origin and country. Extensive quality testing is most vital.

Evaluate cost per dose

Prices range widely from just $.20 on the low end to over $1 per capsule, dictated by raw material expenses, processing methods, testing procedures, and fancier formulations. But, even basic enzyme powders cost over $100 per gram. Given typical 2000 FU divided doses run around $30-40 for 60-90 capsules, very low prices likely indicate quality issues. The middle range of around $.50 per capsule reflects conscientious quality control without extreme markups.

Check company trust factors

Longevity in business, the extent of internal research, exclusive enzyme supply chains, elite manufacturing facility certifications, and transparent third-party lab verification all inspire credibility. Customer loyalty plus online reviews also lend trust. Reseller sites may have issues. Buying directly from reputable supplement companies is ideal for product freshness plus accountability. Using these criteria helps filter options to arrive at a nattokinase supplement that reliably delivers. Seek out brands exemplifying integrity and quality commitment from start to finish. Minor price differences pay back exponentially through added enzyme viability and potency advantages that build up over years of use for maximal benefit.

In many ways, nattokinase supplements mirror the whole-food nutraceutical approach traditionally ingrained within cultures consuming enzymatic extracts from edible cultured foods for gentle prevention and healing. As interest grows in this intriguing fibrinolytic enzyme, maintaining supplement quality must take precedence, so customers receive the expected benefits. Companies prioritizing purity, and science-backed synergies will best leverage nattokinase’s immense potential as a daily foundation for wellness.